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Hawaii Auto Transport

Hawaii Auto Transport

Hawaii Auto Transport will move your car, van, truck or SUV to or from our beautiful state. We offer the best rates and specialize specifically in moving your vehicle to and from Hawaii. Our service is insured. Our pricing includes all fees, taxes, port charges, and paperwork. We make it very easy.

We know that relocating to or from Hawaii can be overwhelming. You have more than enough to worry about with the rest of your move. Let us take the headaches and uncertainty of shipping your vehicle.

Call us at (808) 892-3383 or Get a Free Quote with this link. There’s no obligation and we’ll handle your reservation with the utmost care as well as with the absolute attention to detail you deserve.

Hawaii Car Carier

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Cars Ship from the Mainland in 3-4 Days or Even Sooner

In a hurry? We’ve got your covered. Hawaii Auto Transport moves vehicles in 3-4 days without having to pay extra fees. Now how great is that? Call us today. We;ll get you started with a great rate.


Easy Access to and from U.S. Mainland

Shipping a car to Hawaii with us is easy. We can pick up throughout all the entire United States. Even Alaska. We also can also move vehicles to Puerto Rico.  Call 888-808-8859 for more details.

100% Insured

Your vehicle is insured both inland and on the water as it travels to you.

Full Inspection

Each Vehicle is Fully Inspected before and after delivery to assure no damage

Price Gurantee

We don't mess with the price or your wallet. All fees are included and  the price does not go up.